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Tyler Buitenwerf

Tyler Buitenwerf is a Financial Advisor at Milestone Wealth Management.  Despite the fact he has lived in Michigan since 2001 he still considers himself an Iowan.  Iowa is where he spent his childhood and college years.  Upon relocating Tyler spent his first several years in West Michigan as a teacher.  Since 2015 he has worked in the Financial services industry.

In his current role, Tyler specializes in retirement funding and helping his pre-retirement clients maintain their current lifestyles after they retire.  Tyler is passionate about what he does and is able to use many of the skills he honed as a teacher in order to provide individualized advice to meet his client’s specific goals and objectives.

Milestone Wealth Management is a financial practice dedicated to your milestones. Our clients are business owners and professionals who desire a more personal touch when it comes to their money management. We provide that with independent advice that fits your individual goals. We work with you, face-to-face, to figure out what you want and how you can get there. Our team is committed to creating financial success for each of our clients. You set the milestone. We’ll help you reach it.

Tyler Can be reached at 269-985-0200 or by email at Tyler@milestonewm.com