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With the addition of the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, the Lemmon-Holton Cancer Center and the Van Andel Institute, among other medical facilities, research and medicine are booming in West Michigan. The Medical Mile will create thousands of jobs for those in the medical field; however, the increase in research and medical facilities will also generate demand for more non-medical staff, more bus drivers, more banks, businesses, coffee shops and housing. In short, the growth within the Medical Mile will stimulate the Grand Rapids economy as a whole, not just the medical sector.

The Medical Mile Resource Group provides assistance and direction to all individuals and businesses within the greater West Michigan area who seek to expand or grow their business in relation to the growth of the Medical Mile. The group, which consists of local professionals and businesses, is designed to represent both business-to-business and business-to-consumer enterprises. It is not limited to addressing only the needs of those within the medical field, but hopes to provide assistance to the businesses and communities in the greater Grand Rapids area that are impacted by the economic growth.

“We are the primary resource for professionals and organizations that are impacted by the growth of the Medical Mile,” group founder Paul Spoelstra said. “We are fielding calls from a variety of different size buisnesses that are looking to grow or move into the area. Our team focuses on the three ‘E’s’ of corporate growth. We are finding emerging, evolving and established companies all have their unique needs stemming from the Medical Mile. We seek to meet those needs.”

  • The Medical Mile Resource Group provides solutions within the community using local resources and businesses.
  • The group emphasizes a belief in cooperation, sighting the idea that “…a combined effort is greater than the sum of the individual parts.”
  • The Medical Resource Group provides solutions and opportunities to individuals and businesses impacted by growth within the emerging medical and life sciences community.
  • The expansion of the Medical Mile on Michigan Street will also create an expansion of ideas and work force. The Medical Mile Resource Group is assisting in the “second wave” of ideas and people.